You have the ability to grow roots at your will to gather nutrients.
The more you collect, the more crops your tree will yield!

Rerooted was made during Global Game Jam 2023. The post-jam offers more content and bug fixes. The original submission can be found here.

How to play

  • Click and drag on a root-segment to grow it in any direction.
  • Long roots take more energy. Branch out to reach more resources.
  • Collect nutrients underground with your roots.
  • Return to the surface and click the tree to harvest it.
  • Upgrade your tree in the bunny shop.



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    It's an interesting game about root physics, though it feels a bit grindy in terms of cash for shop items.


    I will be playing this live today 2/19 around 3-330 =)


    i unlocked everything. not spoiling what's below the final layer tho. very nice game btw. and cool.

    The root system is very clever. I like how the incentive/disincentives lead to emergent behavior that makes the root growth patterns feel natural. A great chill experience overall.